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Robert G. Doerr

Sales Associate
Licensed in MA


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I discovered the Berkshires as a young man when, after a seven month backpacking journey through Europe and North Africa, I visited friends in Canada. On my way back toward New York, I drove down Rt. 7. Just south of Williamstown the hills opened up before me. The spectacular scene made an instant and indelible impact on me, and my destiny as a Berkshirean was established.

For years I pursued a Wall St. career in institutional, taxable fixed income sales. The Berkshires became my weekend retreat. I finally became a full-time Berkshire resident at the end of 1999 when I married, established a position with a firm in Albany, and subsequently fathered two beautiful daughters. My career in finance ended in 2016 when the firm at which I was working closed the Albany office. Eighteen months later, I decided to get my Massachusetts real estate license and pursue a new career. I enjoy the lifestyle and flexibility real estate work provides. My experience in the financial markets makes me particularly aware of the economic forces at work. I currently volunteer as Program Director of the Great Barrington chapter of the Bastiat Society, which is housed at The American Institute for Economic Research (AIER). Through that association and lots of reading, I manage to keep my finger on the pulse of current economic trends.

Born a Jersey boy, I went to college in Pennsylvania where I majored in English Literature and minored in British poetry. I have traveled extensively. If prompted, I can tell you about the restaurants in Timbuktu or where to find the best yellowfin tuna in Lahaina. I am an artist and a musician who, for a brief time, played clarinet with a Dixieland jazz band in Heidenheim, Germany. I have plugged myself into all the cultural attractions the Berkshire region has to offer. Community involvement is a feature of my presence in the county with active participation in the Stockbridge Congregational Church as a member of both the Music Committee and the church Endowment Fund. I am a third degree Master Mason. I have owned several houses in Berkshire County and can help you with my earned knowledge of construction, home improvement, septic systems, landscaping, gardening, mortgage rate trends and general home maintenance. I can give both good and bad investment advice and have always maintained a close connection to Manhattan as a member in good standing of The University Club and a consistent subscriber to concert series at Carnegie Hall. Closer to home, I have been involved as a member of Tanglewood Business Partners. If pressed, I can regale you with my pirate joke (sorry – it’s clean). My golf game is proof nobody’s perfect.